Bank Law

German Banking Law

From the preparation of banking and financing transactions, we advise and support in all financial law contexts in order to allow you to avoid eventual problems and future disputes.

We are specialists in the field of deposits and credit transactions in credit security law, with a focus on guarantees and surety law, leasing, factoring and so much more!

In relation to banks, we examine general terms and conditions, current account relationships as well as securities, issues and investment transactions. We have always advised on investment law and also represent injured investors in dealings with investment companies at all economic levels.

The banking and financial markets are neither legally nor theorically at a standstill; new standards are constantly being discussed and – sometimes hastily – adopted. We advise and represent all market participants both strategically and creatively as well as in all banking law disputes, both out of court and before courts, arbitration tribunals and authorities.

We always pay attention to your objectives and develop interdisciplinary solutions that not only allow for forward-looking financial management but also leave room for tax-optimised structures.

Further banking / financial law services of our law firm in Hannover

In banking law/financial law we handle the entire range of day-to-day and strategic business. This includes the following topics, for example:

Other topics we could advise your are:

  • Banking Contractual Law and Regulatory Proceedings
  • Funding
  • Early Phase consulting for the examination of alternative financing structures
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Acquisition of loan receivables
  • Systems of Financing
  • Intra-group Financing
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Leasing Models (including sale and lease-back proceedings)
  • Capital Market Transactions including IPOs
  • Capital Market Compliance
  • PPP7PFI projects
  • Strcturing of corporate financing
  • Drafting the contracts with financing partners
  • Advice on how to avoid liability risks for shareholders, managing directors, management boards and supervisory boards which can arise from various forms of financing.
  • And so much more.. at HORAK ATTORNEYS AT LAW!