The European Society: SE-Recht

The Europa-AG (officially: European Company or Societas Europaea – SE) is a new legal form for companies that are active or want to become active in different member states of the European Union. It makes cross-border cooperation considerably easier: it is no longer necessary to set up subsidiaries in different countries under different laws. Rather, all parts of the company united in the Europa AG are given a uniform legal form. A Europa AG must include the addition “SE” in its company name.

Foundation of the Europa AG

The European regulations allow the foundation of a Europa AG since 08.10.2004. The German introductory law (SEEG) came into force on 29.12.2004. The Europa AG with its registered office in Germany is registered in the commercial register. The registered office of Europa AG is in Germany if the head office is in Germany.

Legal bases of Europa AG

As a legal form under European law, the Europa AG has various legal bases, namely in EU law as well as in national law.