Digitalization in German Corporate Law

Digitalization in German Corporate Law

12. September 2022 commercial law compensation constitutional law corporate law Corporations european law General law international law 0

In the last years there has been a lot of discussions about the digitalization of any kind of public registers. Now something is changing. Read our article and get to know more about digitalization and corporate law.

Since 1 August 2022, it has been possible to register a business online in the commercial register. GmbH formations and the formation of UGs (limited liability companies) are also possible in the notarial online procedure.

The prerequisite is a two-stage identification procedure with an app from the Federal Chamber of Notaries.

So it has really happened: since 1 August 2022, retrieval of data from the commercial register as well as the register of associations, partnerships and cooperatives has been possible without retrieval fees. However, a retrieval fee will be charged for companies entered in the commercial register.

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