How to protect your corporate system from negative comments

How to protect your corporate system from negative comments

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Corporate only works nowadays with the internet. There is almost nothing you can do as a business without having a practical and fully functioning online network. Clients have easy accessibility to feedbacks and references left from other clients that had to do with that business before. This can be seen as a great way to classify and chose the right business you would like to buy to. However, the positive advertising value in this respect also has a downside.

It could also happen that one’s company is unjustifiably rated negatively worldwide via the internet on rating portals and this could permanently damage their reputation. Companies do not have to put up with this. Unfortunately, most of the portals try to excuse themselves by saying that they are not responsible for the “opinion” of the users.

The Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has been dealing with rating portals for some time.

Now, what can you do if your business has been unjustifiably attacked by bad-reviewers?

What you can do about unjustified ratings?

If you are dealing with untrue statements of fact or insulting or otherwise inadmissible evaluations by reference portals on the Internet, you can and should take action against them. Please note that the portals can only be held responsible for the infringement once they have become aware of it.

1) Forward your complaint with specific reference to a violation of the law to those responsible for the portal. An out of court request of deletion of the evaluation within a reasonable period of time (approx. one to two weeks) could be send it to them.

2) If the portal operators do not take action after a reasonable period of time has expired, you can request to issue a cease-and-desist declaration and, if necessary, you can ask the website/portal to pay for damages. In this case, the best thing to do is to contact a legal. It is the best option to make the portal aware, you are not joking.

3) If there is a need for urgency your lawyer/attorney can assert your claims in summary proceedings.

4) You can assert the final injunctive relief and, if applicable, claims for damages in ordinary legal proceedings after the expiry of the review period.

So, what are you waiting for? Protect your name, your corporate, your business from false accusations. Horak. Attorneys-at-law is the law firm you are looking for. We are your business protection legal team.

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