Starting a business in Germany and Europe

Starting a business in Germany and Europe

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The choice of a certain path to self-employment depends on various factors: Do you have a good business idea that you want to realize? Do you have the opportunity to continue running a functioning company? Do you want to limit your entrepreneurial risks? Do you have the chance to start as part of a good team? Do you want to start out small?

You can get your own company in many different ways. But how?

  • Startig a new business
  • Taking over an already existing company
  • Franchising
  • E-Business
  • Spin-Off
  • Participation as co-owner of already existing companies
  • Cooperation with other entrepreneurs
  • Small Start-Ups
  • Sideline Business Foundation

Which one you choose depends mainly on three factors:

  1. How much creative-freedom do you want to achieve?
  2. How can all possible risks be reduced to the maximum?
  3. Is there a better or favourable opportunity to buy or lease a company?

All these options for setting up a business are associated with numerous questions that need to be clarified in advance, better with a competent person. Only very few founders can count on their own experience in this regard, so that professionally qualified external consultants should definitely be called in at this important stage.

The resulting legal questions can affect almost all areas of law. We are familiar with the questions that could arise in these cases and we can offer you practicable solutions and, if necessary, we can also call in those specific consultants who are still missing to round off the picture.


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